Chu Shan Shan

Chu Shan Shan 朱珊珊




Ms. Chu Shan Shan is an eminent and reknowned Hong Kong concert pianist and music educator.  She graduated with distinction from Shanghai Conservatory, where she studied piano with Prof. Fan Ji Sen, head of the Piano Department.  After graduation, she continued her piano studies with Prof. Natalia Hornovska, an eminent piano teacher and Vice-President of Warsaw National Conservatory.  Later, she also studied with reknowned Chinese piano educators Zhu Gong Yi, Hong Da Lin, Xia Guo Qiong, Zhou Guang Ren, and Yu Bian Min.  She was appointed as the principal concert pianist of the China Broadcast Orchestra and launched a long and successful performing career.  In addition to solo concerts, she frequently appeared in chamber music concerts, collaborating with distinguished artists from China and abroad.  Many of her performances were made into recordings on LP and video and broadcast on radio and television.


After moving to Hong Kong, Ms. Chu continued her concert pianist career.  She gave solo and chamber music concerts, performed on Hong Kong Radio, held lectures and demonstrations, and conducted master classes.  To promote classical music and nurture young talents, she dedicated her efforts for many years in organizing the Hong Kong-Asia Piano Open Competition where she has also been an adjudicator.  Ms. Chu taught at Hong Kong Baptist University Music Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Education University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Music Institute.  She is a consultant for the Shanghai Conservatory Board of Examination for the Hong Kong Region.  She is a committee member of the Shanghai Conservatory Alumni Association.  In addition, she is a chairperson for both the Shanghai Conservatory Hong Kong Alumni Association and the All China Music Tertiary Institutions Hong Kong Alumni Association.  She is also honoured to be the Permanent Honorary Chairperson of the All China Music Tertiary Institutions Hong Kong Alumni Association.

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