Cui Quanxin

Cui Quanxin 崔泉馨





Chinese Famous Vocal Music Educator
Deputy Dean, Xinghai School of Continuing Education
Deputy Director, Music Education Centre, XCM
Associate Professor, Department of Popular Music, XCM
Vice President, Guangdong Association of National Opera
Council Member, Guangdong Musician Association
Member, Chinese Musicians’ Association
Postgraduate tutor

Graduating from the China Conservatory of Music as number one in the Department of Opera in 1993, Cui Quanxin was immediately admitted to the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater as an opera performer. In 1995, Cui was transferred to teach in the Department of Music Education in the Xinghai Conservatory of Music (XCM). By 2004, he had become Associate Professor in the Department of Popular Music, Director of the Vocal Teaching and Research Division and Postgraduate Tutor. In the same year, he also won in the 4th Golden Bell Awards for Music in China. In addition, Cui has earned the title of Outstanding Musician in Guangdong Province for five consecutive times from 2000 to 2012!
Cui has published more than ten papers and reviews, including On the art of opera performing, Integrating three singing techniques, On the initial training of baritones, The opera downturn is but temporary, The charm of bel canto, On the concept of popular music, and On the singing of vocal music.


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