Li Man

Li Man 李熳







Being born into a music family, Li Man grew up practicing violin and piano since her early age. Starting from 1981, Li Man studied piano with Prof. ZHAO Bishan at the Affiliated Middle School of Xinghai Conservatory in Guangzhou and graduated in 1987 with top honors, which sent her directly into Xinghai Conservatory without sitting for the entrance exam. She then began her studies of vocal music at Xinghai Conservatory under Prof. CHEN Xiaorong, and two years later, transferred to Shanghai Conservatory to continue practicing vocal music under the famous vocal pedagogue and classical soprano Prof. ZHOU Xiaoyan. While a student at Shanghai Conservatory from 1989 to 1991, Li Man joined Zhou Xiaoyan Opera Center and performed in concert tours to Guangzhou, Shangdong, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, and etc. She also won a prize at the international singing competition “Voice of Pacific” jointly sponsored by China and the United States. From 1991 to 1998, Li Man taught vocal music at her alma mater the Affiliated Middle School of Xinghai Conservatory as Head of the Teaching Unit of Vocal Music. And in 1992 she was invited to perform at the New Year Concert for the Asia-Pacific in Seoul, Korea. During her teaching years in Guangzhou, Li Man won the 1st prize of bel canto at “Yangcheng Concert”,the 3rd prize at “Chinese Singing Festival and was frequently invited to visit foreign countries as a representative Chinese singer, performing in operas like Wilderness and Cavalleria rusticana. In 1999, Li Man moved to Australia and started performing as messo-soprano at Opera Australia.

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