Esther Fung

Esther Fung 馮志麗

馮志麗自一九七零年代開始隨著名女高音江樺女士鑽研聲樂,先後考獲英國皇家音樂學院演唱文憑(LRSM)及英國聖三一學院聲樂院士銜(FTCL),一九八零年馮氏亦在英國倫敦跟隨名女中音 Margaret Hyde 研習聲樂並參加英國巴哈樂團(LBS),在英格蘭和威爾斯的演出。過去三十多年間,馮氏經常被邀到北京、天津、臺灣、澳門、首爾、新加坡、菲律賓、馬來西亞、倫敦及溫哥華等地舉行演唱會並經常被邀擔任聖樂神曲的女高音領唱,包括海頓“四季”、貝多芬第九交響樂“在橄欖山上”、巴哈《莊嚴彌撒曲》及《B小調彌撒曲》、莫劄特《C小調彌撒曲》及《加冕彌撒曲》、孟德爾遜《讚美頌》、韓德爾《救世主》等近三十套世界著名的聖樂作品領唱。馮氏亦多次與中外著名樂隊合作演出,包括香港管弦樂團,香港小交交聲樂團,香港中樂團,荷蘭阿姆斯特丹管弦樂團,香港AMA管弦樂團等,及著名合唱團如香港聖樂團等合作演出。馮氏為江樺合唱團創團者之一,亦是一位聲樂導師。

Esther Fung studied singing under renowned soprano Madam Ella Kiang since 1972 and obtained L.R.S.M and F.T.C.L (Vocal Performer) in the 70’s. Over decades she has been frequently invited to give solo performances in major big cities around the world, including Beijing, Tientsin, Nanjing, Tainan, Seoul, Sibu, Singapore, Manila, London and Vancouver, all receiving high acclaim. Besides giving solo concerts, Esther has also been the Soprano Soloist for over twenty great sacred oratorios and sacred choral works, including Beethoven’s “Symphony No.9” and “The Mount of Olives”, Handel’s “The Messiah”, Haydn’s “The Seasons” and “Creation”, Verdi’s “Requiem”, Mozart’s “ Grand Mass in C Minor” and “ Coronation Mass”, Faure’s “Requiem”, Mendelssohn’s “Hymn of Praise” and “Elijah”, and many others. Esther has worked abundantly with the Hong Kong Oratorio Society in the past decades, Hong Kong Chorus, Amateur Music Association Chorus, and various church chorales, she has for many times worked with major orchestras in giving solo performances, including the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Symphonietta, AMA Philharmonic Orchestra, also had worked with the Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra singing Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 under the conductorship of Paavo Berglund. Esther is one of the founding members of Ella Kiang Singers. She is also a voice coach.

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