Hou Donglei

Hou Donglei 侯東蕾

中提琴研究生畢業,副教授。現任星海音樂學院附中管弦學科教研室主任。廣東省小提琴協會副會長,廣東省中提琴學會會長。 先後畢業於中央音樂學院,俄羅斯莫斯科革涅辛音樂學院。師從王坷、曹海、隋克強、Alexandra Frantseva教授學習中提琴演奏。


Associate Professor of Viola,is currently serving as the head of the strings and winds department at the Middle School attached to Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou China.He is the vice-president and president of the violin and viola associations of Guangdong Province respectively.Hou gained his Master degree from the Gnessin State Music Conservatory in Moscow,Russia and Bachelor degree from Central Conservatory of Music studying with Wang Ke,Cao Hai,Sui Keqiang and Alexandra Frantseva.
Hou has focused on education in recent years.His students were awarded prizes in both national and international competitions,include the first prizes in the Hong Kong International String Competition and the National Viola competition.Many of his students were also accepted by prestigious music colleges such as Curtis Institute of Music,New England Conservatory of Music in the United States and Royal Academy of Music in the UK.Hou was also awarded the ‘Teacher of Excellence’ on many occasions and appointed as a Jury member in national and international competitions.
Hou initiated and successfully held the first Xinghai Cup National viola competition in 2013.He has published these include ‘Viola and Hindemith’,’Discussion on Viola Performing Art’,’Viola in Orchestra’.

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