HuiHui Vivian Weng-Skweres

Huihui Vivian Weng-Skweres 翁惠慧

奧地利布萊娜音樂與戲劇藝術學院鋼琴教授,奧利地In Rilievo 新音樂協會的創始人之一及學會理事,奧地利Ex post國際跨國文化交流協會執行主席,“中奧青少年音樂之旅”專案總監。


維也納著名鋼琴教育家Heinz Medjimorec教授評價說:“翁惠慧小姐是一位卓越的青年鋼琴家,她擁有穩固扎實的演奏技巧,作為一名出色的鋼琴家,她對各種風格的樂曲有著豐富全面的認識,並對精彩的樂章有獨到見解。”

Huihui Weng-Skweres is now Professor of Piano at Prayner Conservatory. She foundedthe Austrian In Rilievo New Music Association and has acted as the director since then.She is the Executive President of the Ex Post International Communication Associationand the Producer of Project of the Youth Music Tour between China and Austria. Huihui
Weng-Skweres performs both as a soloist and as a chamber musician in China, Austria,Germany, Spain and witzerland, in such concert halls as Vienna Musikverein, Vienna Concert Hall and Guangzhou Concert Hall and so on. Her talent and performances are recognized by Heinz Medjimorec, the Austrain famous pianist. As Professor Heinz
Medjimorec says, Mrs. Weng-Skweres is an excellent musician with great performing skills and profound understanding of music.

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