Li You

Li You 李尤

瀋陽音樂學院小提琴教授,碩士研究生導師,小提琴演奏家, 教育家。 曾多年擔任遼寧交響樂團首席,撰寫了專著《中外小提琴音階訓練法,學琴各階段曲目及教材》。 先後舉辦過多場個人獨奏音樂會和重奏音樂會。曾任第九屆、第十屆全國青少年小提琴比賽評委,第八屆中國音樂金鐘獎小提琴比賽複賽評委,2011年CCTV鋼琴小提琴大賽評委,2014(香港)國際弦樂公開賽評委,第11屆全國少兒小提琴邀請賽評委。

As a violin performer and educator, You Li has been the violin principal in Liaoning Symphony Orchestra for multiple years and he is now a professor and master supervisor in Shenyang Conservatory of Music. Li is the author of the Violin Scale Training for Learners of All Levels. In addition to giving solo recitals and duet concerts, he also appeared in the jury in such events as the 9th and 10th National Youth Violin Competition, the 8th China Golden Bell Violin Competition (semi-final), 2011 China CCTV Piano & Violin Competition, 2014 Hong Kong International String Competition and the 11th National Youth Violin Invitational Tournament.


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