Luo Hong

Luo Hong 羅洪





Bass Singer Postgraduate Supervisor

Dean, College of Music and Dance, Guangzhou University;Vice President, China Higher Education Research Centre for Popular Music; Vice Chairman, Vocal Music Association of China; Vice Chairman, Guangdong Musician Association; Vice Chairman, Guangdong Pop Music Association;Vice Chairman, Guangdong Vocal Association;Professor of vocal music;Postgraduate tutor;Bass singer.

In 1986 Luo Hong graduated from the China Conservatory of Music and started to teach in the Xinghai Conservatory of Music (XCM). He had been the Deputy Director and the Party Secretary of the Department of Social Music, and the Director of the Department of Popular Music in Xinghai before he took the position of dean in the College of Music and Dance, Guangzhou University in 2016.

Within the thirty years in XCM, Luo had presided over the Performing Popular Music, a provincial Excellent Course development project, and the outcome of his professional exploration and practice on the same subject had earned the second prize of Guangdong Provincial Teaching Achievements. In 2006, Luo won the first prize of XCM Teaching Achievements. In addition, he received the Award for Outstanding Musicians at the 30th Anniversary of Popular Music in Guangdong in 2006 and the Award for Remarkable Teaching Contribution at the 35th Anniversary in 2012.

Luo has participated in six provincial research projects and published sixteen papers (winning six national awards), three textbooks, and five personal CD/DVD albums. A number of his students have become celebrated artists, including Gao Linsheng, Hai Mingwei, Zhou Bichang, Dongshan Shaoye, Liu Xijun, Yu Haoming, Zhao Peng, etc.

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