Shan Jun

Shan Jun 陝軍


Personal Profile: Shan Jun, Female,  the Han nationality, Master degree. Gained the National first-class performer, act as the North University Professor of the art college of vocal music. The Head of Chinese military culture Zhongbei troupe,  the expert who enjoys the government allowances of the state council. As a member of Chinese musician association, standing director of Chinese national vocal music, Shanxi Province public security department specially invited inspectors, six, seven, eight, a former session of the Shanxi Province CPPCC member of the communist party of China party.35 years engaged in the stage art, is the leader of shanxi folk inheritance and innovation. Main representative works “want to kiss”, “peach blossom red, apricot flowers white” and “Ge eggs down the river to wash clothes”, “the dream “, “the elder brother of the five sheep” and so on. Recording published more than three hundred first shanxi folk songs, and recorded theme song for dozens of movie, TV and episode; Many times to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and other provinces and cities, the international art festival, the Asian games and performances at the Olympics.

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