Tang Biao

Tang Biao 唐彪




代表作品有:《酒祝中華》(榮獲第三屆廣東省“五個一”工程聲樂作品獎)、《中國鑼鼓》(榮獲第四屆廣東省“五個一”工程聲樂作品獎)、《再創好明天》(獲最佳錄音作品獎和舞臺藝術展演最高獎——優秀演出獎)、《中華大家園》(榮獲第三屆廣東省“五個一”工程 聲樂作品獎)、《趕上中國好年華》(榮獲國際音樂博覽會金獎)、《民情日記》(榮獲廣東省“五個一”工程聲樂作品獎)、《老榕樹下》、《鮮紅的黨旗》、《真心》(獲“十大金曲”廣東音樂家學會獎)、《中國喜洋洋》等。



Tang studied from Professor Chen Xiaorong who comes from Xinghai Conservatory of Music. He is the National first class actors、National model worker,Expert on government special allowance,Excellent Expert of the Ministry of culture,Ten outstanding young people in Guangdong Province,The Guangdong provincial CPPCC Committee and the all-China Youth Federation Member,Vice Chairman of China Association of vocal music,Vice Chairman of Guangdong Musicians Association,Vice President of Guangdong Provincial Youth Federation,member of Chinese Musicians Association,World Culture Research Center researcher,and 16th Asian Games 205 Torchbearer.

Tang has ever attended China Federation of six, seventh, eighth and Nineth Party Congress which was held in Beijing, as well as the ninth National Assembly of youth.  He was cordially received by Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and other party and state leaders many times.

Tang has made record, tape and solo album in the record company all over the country. He has visited more than 50 countries and regions around the world on behalf of China, and touring, deeply welcomed by audiences at home and abroad.

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