Wu Xiuyun

Wu Xiuyun 吳秀雲

先後在《人民音樂》、《藝術教育》、天津音樂學院學報《天籟》等國家核心學術期刊上發表論文18篇,2006年在中央音樂學院出版社出版了個人學術專著《大提琴技法的演進與訓練》。2008年,在新浪網創辦了以“琴思”http://blog.sina.com.cn/tjwuxiuyun 為題的大提琴專欄博客,為宣傳、普及、分享大提琴演奏理念、教學心得、資料資訊等內容,開闢了更為廣闊的媒體教學交流空間。
先後榮獲天津教委工委先進教師、天津市“九五”立功獎章、“天津市優秀教師”、 “第二屆中國素質教育教研成果一等獎”,“中國素質教育先進工作者”等獎項。

Wu Xiuyun was admitted to Tianjin Conservatory of Music in 1970, majoring in Cello. In 1974 she joined the Communist Party of China, and in 1975 she graduated and became a teacher in TJCM. At present she is a cello professor, master’s tutor of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, director of the Cello Academy of Chinese Musicians’ Association, as well as the executive president of Tianjin Cello Committee. Previously she also served as the deputy director of Orchestra Department of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, headmaster of the Affiliated High School of Tianjin Conservatory of Music among other duties.
Among her 41 years of teaching, many of her students have received awards in municipal, provincial, and national competitions or won outstanding student awards. A number of her graduates are now working in China Symphony Orchestra, National Center for the Performing Arts, Chinese Opera House, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, and other municipal, provincial, and national performing bodies or institutions. Some of her students are admitted to Conservatories in France, Germany, Australia, the United States, Canada and other countries, and have obtained master’s and doctorate degrees. Wu has visited Singapore, France, Germany, Italy for performance or academic exchanges. She has judged in “the Fourth Aegean Cup” Notational Cello Contest in 2010. In May 2015, she was invited to host the preliminary contest in Tianjin for The Second International Music Festival of Hong Kong. In June 2012, she was invited to give lectures in the Library of Tianjin. In June 2014 she was invited to visit the Art College of Mudanjiang University and gave lectures. In June 2016, she organized the First Morning Cup Cello Competition in Tianjin.
She has published 18 articles in periodicals including People’s Music, Art Education, Journal of Tianjin Conservatory of Music and other core journal. In 2006 she published her monograph The Evolution and Training of Cello Techniques in Central Conservatory of Music’s Publishing House. In 2008, she established her own blog Qin-si (http://blog.sina.com.cn/tjwuxiuyun) aiming at the popularization and sharing information of performance concept and teaching experience of cello, which has opened up a broader media for teaching and exchange.
During these years of teaching, Wu has won “Excellent Teacher Award” granted by Tianjin Education Committee, “the Ninth Five-Year Plan” Medal of Tianjin, the title of “Excellent Teacher of Tianjin”, the first prize of “The Second Quality Education Teaching and Research Achievements in China” as well as Advanced Worker Award of “Quality Education of China”.
ral School Foundation Fellowship and in 2013, he was honored as a recipient of the FRSM Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Mus.ic.

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