Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming 張義明


Zhang yiming is a cellist, a cello professor in Sichuan Conservatory of Music. He was the principal cello player in Sichuan Symphony Orchestra when he was graduated from college and held this position until 2007. Also, he plays number of cello solo concerts and chamber music concerts in Southwest of China with both the domestic and international composers and conductors. He has recorded numerous film and television music as well.
Prof. Zhang is a member of Chinese Musicians’ Association, a member of Sichuan Musicians’ Association, as well as the council of Association of Cello in China. He won the third prize in National Cello Competition China in 1988; the first prize by playing string quartet works at the 11th International Chamber Music in Tokyo, Japan; he won the Third Prize of “Higher education teaching achievement prizes of Sichuan” in 2008. In 2010, at the invitation of the ministry of culture, he becomes one of the committees of the sixth National Youth Cello Competition. And at the invitation of the Cello association of China, he was one of the committees of the Fourth and the Fifth “AiQing Cup” Cello Competition held in China in 2010 and 2012. And he is also one of the committees of the Yunnan international string summer camp held in Kunming in 2014, and Dali in 2015. Besides, he has seen in a number of other string festivals as well.
Over the years, Prof. Zhang committed to the cello playing and teaching, making some achievements. Some of his research papers have been published in academic journals. A great many of Prof. Zhang’s students have been studied in some well-known music schools around the world. And many of his students got prizes in many competitions and got positions in some of the best symphony orchestras in China.
ells Cathedral School Foundation Fellowship and in 2013, he was honored as a recipient of the FRSM Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music.

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